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James Wingtip is a very classy style that has been revamped with the superb quality and dependability of this well known brand Frye. What more you trend settlers can ask for? This traditional wingtip design with unique top-stitching offers ultimate style and support. It offers a fresh twist on a classic look. These shoes fit great on any feet. The sole is made up of durable leather and has good flex. Its insole has full arch support and proper heel cushioning. You will feel really impressed with the comfort level of this shoe. You can walk in these for days without any complaints. You can wear them with or even without socks and they will still feel very comfortable. You will recommend these to every one after wearing them. They weights 20.00 oz and provide supreme comfort and flexibility. It is available in brown and black color.


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Swati from Chicago, IL

I got these boots about 2 years ago and I absolutely love them. I got the boot cleaning spray with them and sprayed it on when I got them left the boots to dry overnight and they did not get stained or anything through the disgusting Chicago winter weather. They are extremely warm and the cushioning is only a little worn in and they are great for me because even though I'm not careful with my shoes these boots don't require too much maintenance to keep them clean and I wear them everywhere. I love them and will definitely keep buying them.

antawan from Edmonton, AB

I bought them 1 year ago in October (before winter actually arrived in Canada) and was very disappointed. They are the grey classic shorts and they were (are) beautiful. I did everything the instructions said regarding waterproofing and cleaning. You have to believe that I really tried to follow the directions. Unfortunately after the first winter in Alberta the "stains" were too much for me and I quit wearing them (they actually looked green around the stained edges). I contacted customer support and they said to send them back. I asked my Dad for help[...]Anyway, to make a long story short, I wasn't "rubbing" the pumis stone hard enough on the boots to actually get the stain off. My Dad showed me how to clean them. RUB HARD, it's leather, it will peel and there's a whole lot of "new" leather under there. PS - If you need help tell your Dad you need a new pair, that will help in getting some "Elbow Grease" (my Dad's term) into the cleaning process. I put the before and after pictures. I'm saved!

Jo from Malden, MA

I bought these boots two years ago. They are so comfortable, but I've developed a hole in the toe of one of my boots! I looked online and found that lots of people have had the same problem! No one can get them fixed. The sheep's wool at the toe just wore down in one boot and the hole developed! I wish someone could tell me how to fix this because I love the boots and I really don't have the money to invest in a new pair right now. If this is happening to many people, then there has to be a defect somewhere. Disappointed in that aspect, but overall I have had a pleasant experience


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