Following statement will state what kind of information we collect from you and how can we use such information.

First of all, be assured that we will never share any kind of information you send us via email except you yourself consent to publish such data on our site, i.e. review for any product.

Other than that we do not have any means to accept information from you, we do not have any form on our site where you can submit data. We are feature reviews and previews and recommended stores where you can purchase the product, but be careful when you visit those stores, its important that you read their privacy statement before giving out any personal for financial details.

We have made this website to be viewed by all age groups.

We do not sell merchandize to customers. So please don't ask questions about product availability when using our contact page.

Additionally if you have any questions in your mind after reading the above paragraphs then please do let us know via email which is mentioned on our contact us page.


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