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Frye Reagan Campus Moc Shearling are everyday indoor as well as outdoor wearing shoes which carry huge punch of comfort. These shoes can be be used with any casual outfit for a trip to mall or general hangout. These shoes have the lightweight construction which allows you to wear them all day long with superior comfort. They have interior made from ultra-comfortable materials to keep your feet in stunning comfort and warm as well. The upper of these shoes is made from the Dakota leather which has been hand dyed to bing out the elegance of the upper. This upper has smooth and sleek looks which makes these shoes match perfectly with just about any outfit you choose. The upper has the 360 degree lacing system which enables customized and secure fit. The slip on silhouette ensures that you can wear and take off these shoes easily. The interior lining is made from the shearling which deliver exceptional comfort to your feet. This lining keeps the feet warm and toasty during the winter. The lining also draws the moisture off your feet to keep them healthy and odorless. The footbed has been cushioned and it has also been lined with the shearling. This footbed is super soft and comfortable so you can stay on your feet for hours without feeling any fatigue or stress. The outsole has been made from the rubber which is flexible and long lasting. This outsole has the ability to grip to the ground to offer traction on different surfaces for non-skid walking. The outsole also ensure flexibility and stability to keep every stride perfect. These shoes weigh just 8 ounces as per size 7.5 which is very lightweight as compare to most of the moc style shoes. You can find this style in these colors: Shearling/ Walnut Leather, Shearling/ Saddle Leather and Shearling/ Banana Leather.


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Aj from Pittsburgh

There is no other shoe that is both as comfortable and stylish. I have a pair of cream knitted boots and black. They keep my feet so warm in the cold and I've worn them through two winters and they are still barely worn out. And they are NOT ugly hiking booties. They are fabulously stylish and can match with so many different outfits for so many different occasions. I wear them to school, to work and out to dinner! Right now i am trying to decide between the new aqua sea and the pink! such a hard decision!

Dilemmas in CT from Avon, CT

I have two pair, the chocolate brown and sand. I have worn them since 2005 and I love them. In the winter, I wear them everyday to and from work and on the weekends. Here is my dilemma, similar to other reviewers, my chocolate brown pair has developed a hole in the toe area. The sheepskin inside wore away, exposing the leather, which has worn to a hole. I am so sad about this as I really love these boots. My sand color pair is doing the same thing so I am very hesitant to wear them too much because they were a special gift. I really feel like this is a problem that they needs to address. These products are much too expensive to throw away. I want to buy the grey now but I know the same thing will happen. Very sad

Jacqueline from Pennsylvania

I bought these and second guessed my purchase at the time of paying for them. Took the boots home and gave them a try. The fit just didn't do it for me. I had to get a size 9 instead of my normal 10 because the 10 was nearly a size too big. The 9's just ran slightly short and the in-step was too low so the top band rubbed on the top of my feet. the lady stated that they would stretch out. Once I got them home, I put them back on and immediately knew that I would regret the $140 investment. I returned them the next day and drove to a store an hour away to purchase a pair of the Bailey Buttons that fit awesomely and were truly a full size too large. I ended up getting a size 9 for my true size 10 feet. I would have kept these boots if it wasn't for the instep issue that rubbed. They were cute and the chocolate brown is a very nice color. I wear these to pick the kids up from school on snowy days and run errands. I am going to state that I would recommend these to a friend if they didn't have a high in-step because they were warm and comfortable.


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